Beyond Our World – Book 1

I am a stellar soul from the Great Central Sun experiencing earth through this human avatar.

I quickly remembered that I was not from this world. From the age of six to forty-six, very few knew of my experience (except for those close to me).

It all began one evening in the summer of 1981, when I was playing outside. I saw a bluish-white light come down from the sky and position itself right above me. It just stood there, motionless. The moment seemed to last forever. When the object had gone back to the vertical and at an incredible speed, I found myself in front of a being, which was obviously not terrestrial:

humanoid in shape, bluish skin with slight silver highlights, large green eyes and long, deep black hair…

It was Ezahyel, my brother from the Pleiades.

He would come back to see me so that I would not forget who I was and where I came from.

Forty years later, my first book was published: Au-Delà De Notre Monde, in which I relate my personal, spiritual, universal and galactic experiences.



Author :

David Rousseau is a French-Irish-Native American, author of the books “Beyond Our World” artist, singer, musician and composer. Experiencer, empath and contactee. At the age of six, he underwent abductions which attracted the attention of the French Secret Spatial Programs. He was then recruited at the age of 8 for his exceptional psychic and intuitive abilities. He met Jean-Charles Moyen, then aged 12, on board the Solaris ship of the “Solar Warden” program.

At the end of his first 20-year mission, he was rejuvenated and returned to the starting point in 1981.

He then signed up again for two more 20-year missions.

He received the following honours: Appointed on 13 July 2021 as Universal Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Circle of Ambassadors for Peace of Paris/Geneva (France/Switzerland).